Mont Orgueil Castle

Mont Orgueil Castle was built over 800 years ago. Feasts would be held in the Great Hall and would have been attended by the Governor, the Monarchs representative, his wife and adult family plus invited notables such as Government officials, high ranking military, influential and wealthy locals and visiting officials.  

The main part of the feast would consist of various roasted meats, beef, pork and assorted fowls cooked on a spit in front of an open fire with meat and fruit pies and fine white bread (manchette) cooked in bread ovens. Vegetables such as leeks, parsnips, cabbage and onions might be included. 

 Things are a little different in 2021 but St Martin still the home to some modern largescale cooking! 

Caring Cooks have their main base in St Martin where they lovingly prepare meals for families and create lunches for some primary schools. In addition to this they also make school meals in several of our island’s secondary schools.  Caring cooks are working towards the Green Kitchen Standard which means they are working hard to reduce energy and water use as well as reducing waste in all their kitchens. They clearly are caring by helping to feed our community but also by working to reduce their environmental impacts.   

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