Eco Active Business Leader

La Mare Wine Estate is a Business Leader in Jersey’s Eco Active scheme as well as a Gold member of the National Green Tourism Scheme. Their Environmental Charter sets 20 actions which address their biggest environmental impacts and that involves them taking all sorts of measures and one of the things they do is harvest and recycle their greywater.  This means that they collect rainwater from their roof and from other sources and use that water elsewhere.  In Jersey we have limited underground reserves of water and no links to external water networks so it is important we use our water wiselyWe rely on rainfall for most of the mains water supplied across the island and that means we are vulnerable to periods of low rainfall or drought. 

Increased water efficiency helps to reduce the significant amount of water that is wasted every day. So, if like La Mare Vineyard you have a garden then you can use a water butt to collect rainwater that can be used on your plants. Jersey Water have lots of water saving ideas on their website 


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