Energy Recovery Facility 

Here you are at the Energy Recovery Facility. Household and commercial rubbish that has not been separated for recycling is delivered here for processing. The rubbish is burnt and the heat from the fire makes steam. This steam is then used to drive a turbine which generates electricity which is sold to the Jersey Electricity Company (JEC). The process also produces an ash called Incinerator Bottom Ash, this is sent to the UK where it can be recycled into a building material. The emissions from the Energy Recovery Facility are monitored and are available on the Government of Jersey website.  

The emissions that come from the energy recovery facility are included in Jersey’s greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and this data is independently verified.  Greenhouse gas inventories are reported to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) by countries and are used for policymaking, monitoring progress in carbon reductions and for modelling in the scientific community. In 2018 the energy supply sector contributed 12% of our total greenhouse gas emissions.  

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