Jersey Zoo - Rewild

Welcome to Jersey Zoo, home to Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust whose mission is to save species from extinction.  

Did you know that 1 million species are currently threatened with extinction? Durrell aim for more diverse, beautiful and resilient natural landscapes in which species can thrive and people can enjoy a deeper connection with nature. Nature is being eroded at rates unprecedented in human history, we are exploiting nature faster than we can replenish it.  

You might say the loss of animals and plants (biodiversity) and climate change are like two sides of the same coin and are inextricably linked. We either solve both or we solve neither.  

Climate change has been identified as a major cause of biodiversity loss. Likewise, the loss of biodiversity contributes to climate change, for example when we destroy forests, we emit carbon dioxide.  

Rewild Carbon is Durrell’s wild, colourful and impactful carbon offsetting programme that address both biodiversity loss and climate change. To find out more please email [email protected] 

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