Citizens’ Assembly

The States Assembly declared a climate emergency in 2019 and agreed it’s likely to have profound effects in Jersey.

In early 2020 the States Assembly approved a Carbon Neutral Strategy. This set out a ‘people-powered’ approach, giving Islanders a real say over when and how Jersey should become carbon neutral. The States Assembly called a citizens’ assembly to find out what people like yourself think we should do next. Islanders were asked; how should we work together to become carbon neutral?

Citizens’ assemblies give members of the public the time and opportunity to learn about and discuss a topic and answer specific questions posed.

Participants were given a wide range of information presented to them as evidence from academics, researchers, people with direct experience of the issue, other stakeholders, and campaigners.

As a group they came up with ideas and considered the costs and implications to help them make their recommendations. These recommendations have been presented to the States Assembly and Government of Jersey and published for everyone to see in early June. 


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