Citizens' Assembly

How did it work?

The Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change was made up of 45 randomly selected Islanders. They took part in 15 virtual meetings between March and May. They considered the question ‘how we should work together to become carbon neutral’.

The citizens’ assembly heard from various experts and others with different views on how Jersey should work together to become carbon neutral. They had a chance to ask questions and engage in debates on these topics. 

There was no requirement for participants to have any prior knowledge or specific views on climate change. 

The sessions were arranged into four blocks, each with a distinct focus:

Block 1   13 – 17 March Sessions 1 – 4  An introduction to the climate change issues facing Jersey and scope 3 emissions
Block 2   27 – 31 March Sessions 5 – 8 The contribution of transport to Jersey’s emissions
Block 3   17 – 21 April Sessions 9 – 12 The impact of heating, cooling, cooking, what we buy, where we travel and local businesses on the Island’s emissions
Block 4   8 –13 May Sessions 13 – 15 Agree recommendations, including preferred policy changes

At the end of the 15 sessions, the citizens’ assembly produced a set of recommendations as to how and when they believed Jersey should become carbon neutral. In early June 2021 these recommendations will be presented to both the States Assembly – Jersey’s elected Parliament – and the Government, to help inform future policy

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